The title of this design is called “Post’s Roses”.

When I designed this pattern for fabrics, I wanted to express a classic theme, yet have it bright and fresh looking.  Palm Beach is known for it’s bright clean colours.  Marjorie Merriweather Post, had a beautiful mansion in Palm Beach…oh, just a little place called “Mar A Lago”.   Now our President Elect owns this beautiful landmark.
Marjorie had beautiful roses on the landscape at one time.  Her daughter, famous actress Dina Merrill used to play among the rose gardens.
I am fortunate that this beautiful home is only 15 minutes from my house, and for 30 years I have taken the relaxing drive up A1A, to pass by this estate.  My memories go back to 1982, when I visited and took a “History of Palm Beach” course and tour.  They told the history of this place as well as other Palm Beach landmarks.
One story in particular, I found endearing about Marjorie.  She had an artist to create hand painted tiles for Dina’s private bathroom when she was a little girl.  These tiles told the story of Beatrix Potter’s famous Bunnikin’ tales.  The nanny would tell Dina the stories as she took her daily baths.

Post’s Roses Fabric Design, takes the classic theme of roses and brings a little Palm Beach into the painting with the loosely painted background of bright and light plaid.  It makes me take a trip to the 1920’s Palm Beach, and imagine toni people sipping cocktails, wearing bright pastel colours, and chatting about world affairs on the loggia of Mar A Lago.
Isn’t it great how a work of art or a design can inspire a “feeling”?  What kind of feelings can you conjure up with your own designs?
Send me a photo of something you have created and tell me about your vision, or feeling that you wish to inspire!  talin@talinsstudio.com

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