Don’t Be Afraid of the Darks!

hawaii leavesThis is advice I give all of my students.  For some reason, we humans are resistant to the dark.  However, in sketching and paintings, the dark tones define the structure of the subject matter.  Beginners have a very hard time putting the dark tones in at the beginning of their work.  They seem to head straight for the “white” and make a muddy, “depth-free”, flat image.
In my opinion, it is very much like life in so many aspects.  Without the dark, there wouldn’t be the contrast of light.  With people I like to say to my students, “If there were no bad people, WE wouldn’t look so good!”
So, for me, the darks are SO important, from the start!  Then…you may get LIGHTER LATER!…highlights last!
Why not call me today to join my adult Saturday class from 10am-12pm, and learn some helpful techniques to make your paintings really stand out?
Talin:  561-573-0123

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