But, I have to be in the MOOD!


NO!…Absolutely Not!  Mood has nothing to do with painting or creating.  It is like anything else.  I know this takes that “mysterious, ethereal” quality away from the cliché’ idea of the “moody artist”.

My art mentor and professor was a no nonsense kind of man.  He told me that there are no “moods, affectations, exotic clothes and hairdo’s, strange behavior or any other manufactured quirks” involved in the process of quality artwork.  There is no “acting” like an artist. You either have the ability, skill and training or you don’t.  No amount of pretense will help your painting. 

So with that being said, you have to just get in there and work!  I have noticed in some of my students who express that they are “not inspired at the moment, or not in the mood, or they just can’t paint right now because they are going through something”,  once they begin, they feel better and the process of painting or creating is like therapy for them.

TALIN LYMAN, pres. Talin Tropic, Co.

Special Fabric/Studio video:
Luxury Villa with Talin’s Fabric in St.Martin
mes amis villa st

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