JUST GO AND DO IT!  That is the best advice I was ever given when I was a teenager.  My art professor used to say,  don’t worry about how it will come out, don’t sit and mull it over for days, don’t be afraid it wont look good or turn out well, because if it doesn’t, just paint over it!  JUST GO AND DO IT!

That seems to be how I have worked ever since.  One of my long time friends and art student, Sandy S.,  and I share a certain characteristic.  This characteristic makes us both laugh sometimes.  We have been accused of making decisions as the following:   “Ready,  “FIRE”, aim!”  Instead of the normal:   “Ready, “AIM”, fire!”   This can get you there and it turns out GREAT, sometimes, and sometimes…..NOT SO GOOD!  But!…..BUT!…..AT LEAST YOU DID IT!  and you LEARNED something valueable!  and….YOU LIVED!

I pretty much used this quality when I decided to add a line to my lines and go into fabrics for apparel instead of fabrics for interior design application only.  Shown here are a few samples of my clothing line… I now have over 150 pieces in my line of clothing.  This was one of those times when I JUST DID IT!
Call or email me today to see more of these pieces to add to your wardrobe or to someone else’s!  561-573-0123




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