People ask me, “Where do you get your inspiration for your fabric designs, or your paintings?”

I know that it would sound a lot more exotic for me to say that I saw it in a “Vision” or some other sexy sounding source.  But, ideas seem to come from simple sources and ideas.  The Caladium Leaf fabric featured above, for instance, came from me taking a little stroll through my neighborhood one day and observing the different species of Caladium that they used in the landscaping.  One particular section struck me because of the way the different greens were playing against the POP of red in their leaves.

In my mind, I instantly saw the pattern of LARGE leaves, in a non-directional pattern across different background colourways.  It would look fresh and it would go with just about any interior, and any style.  It would be classic yet it would have a sense of the contemporary.  I would have a coordinating wide stripe in all of the colourways to pair with my new pattern.

When I returned home from my stroll, I set to painting my vision immediately.  This is how it happens….sometimes…lol!

To see what I might design for you and your vision, call me for a free consultation.
Talin Tropic
Talin has been creating and designing for over 25 years. Her work can be seen all over the world. Her internationally acclaimed fabrics featured in Architectural Digest, Coastal Living, Veranda, Florida Design, international design centers, luxury hotels and many many more. Her work has also been featured on ET Hollywood, and The Martha Stewart Show.
Talin’s Studio has two goals in mind. The first is to offer different, very exclusive and custom made products. This goal is easy to achieve. Our advantage is that of creating our own designs.
The second goal is our exceptional years of experience, knowledge and the best of art techniques, creating products unique to our excellent customers…and….in the instance of unique objet d’ art, our scouting ability is exceptional.

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