10,000 HOURS


One of my students accused me of being the “Mommie Dearest” of art classes! lol!  I say “NO COLOUR WHEELS!”   I don’t want students relying on a colour wheel.  You have to PRACTICE mixing colour to know what colours make what.

There is a scientist who has a theory that it takes someone 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill.  I tend to agree.

If you rely on a colour wheel to tell you how to mix a colour, you never learn and you will not be a real artist who KNOWS how to mix colour.  Colour theory is a real skill.

Music is the same, as I suppose a lot of skills are.  You must KNOW your notes and how to read your notes by heart.  If you rely on a keyboard scale or write in your notes on the staff of your music, you will never know them by sight, and you will never be able to read music.

One must go in there, and learn by doing, over and over again.  Then one day, it will come as if by magic.  You will know how by heart.  It will be like second nature.

If we HEAR something, we tend to forget it, if we SEE something we tend to remember it, but if we DO something WE KNOW IT!

Get in your studio and start with your primary colours, and make your own chart, see what amount of red in yellow makes the orange you are looking for and do this with every colour until you have a good idea, what colour mixed with the others makes what.

Practice, practice, practice.  There are pretty much no short cuts if you really want to learn something.

To learn lots of classic art skills, Call to join our adult painting class every Saturday morning from 10am-12.   Talin:  561-573-0123

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