My client brought two mauve and black very large lamps to me and asked me to “DO SOMETHING WITH THESE!”  The colours were atrocious, and they were gaudy and ghastly.  BUT, the “bones” were there.  They could be something “beachy” and coastal for their beach home.
So, I rushed the large well made shades to the upholstery people who also happen to do lamp shades.  I gave them my hibiscus fabric and it’s coordinate and asked them to do a nice shade with my fabric.
Then I brought the lamp  bases home, and did several coats of a special enamel paint to make a new white glossy finish.  I painted my hibiscus fabric design on them and flew back to the upholstery shop to pick up the shades.
The results were really really nice!  I only had time to take a quick photo of the lamp on the pavement before rushing them over to the client.  I am hoping the client will take a photo of the lamps in the room over looking the ocean.  The room is all white with accents of my hibiscus fabric on pillows, two upholstered chairs, and these lamps.

What project do you have that may need to re-invent something “disco”? lol!
Call for a free consultation with me to see how I may create something fun for your next project.

TALIN LYMAN, pres. Talin Tropic, Co.

Special Fabric/Studio video:

Luxury Villa with Talin’s Fabric in St.Martin
mes amis villa st

Talin on the Martha Stewart Show:

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