Tropical Splendor Fabric

Have you ever noticed that you always go for the “things” you always go for?  Over and over again???  Maybe with a bit different spin, but always the same thing?

Coral, aqua, landscape scenes, leaves, scrollwork, fresco, ….classic subject matters.  These are the things I love to work with.  This is just one of the designs I use in fabrics for interiors as well as for apparel.  Originally, it is a10’x5′ Oil painting, but I love the feel of it.

What subject matter do you find yourself drawn to, over and over again?  I find that I am consistently attracted to the same subjects throughout my life.  They may be interpreted in a different way, or compositions change, colours change, scale may even change.  But…those same things continue to mesmerize!

Write me and tell me what your favorite things are!  Tell me how they make you feel and why!

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