As an artist, you have to know a LOT about a LOT of things.

To be a truly great artist, your knowledge has to be more than one dimensional.  One must know a LOT about a lot of things!  How things grow, how they are made, how they are built, structural and mechanical knowledge, anatomy of humans, animals, insects, as well as botanical knowledge.  One must know about people, a little psychology, feelings, body language, visual cues. Symbolism of colours and subject matter.  Historical references and meanings…THEN, you must know your tools and how to use them properly, tones, shading, colour theory, composition, perspective, scale, dimension, ….. And, the list goes ON AND ON!!! (I know you are not supposed to begin a sentence with “and”.)
As an artist, you must be a consistent “detective”, you must constantly be observing and educating yourself and studying your subject matter, or objects.  To truly capture the ESSENCE of what you are sketching or painting, one must really know how it works, the structure and all of the details about the THING.
This attention and observation is the difference between a great artist and a so-so artist.  No one ever “arrives”,  EVERYONE,  with no exceptions, must practice and continue to study throughout their whole lives.  This will not only make your work better and better, but it will also keep your mind healthy, and ageless, which in turn keeps your body youthful and healthy as well.
Come and practice and learn new techniques with me, Talin, at my Adult Saturday Class from 10am-12.
Call me to reserve your spot:   561-573-0123

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