This is a home in South Florida who wanted me to create the “distressed” and authentic look of the Mizner Hand Painted Ceilings.

This project was a very fun project for me!  I stepped into the mind and spirit of Mizner.  In my dreams I went back in time to the 1920’s and interlocked my spirit with Mizner in Palm Beach.
Not only was I 40 feet in the air over Jerusalem Stone Floors, but I was Harnessed to the scaffolding in order to paint for hours with my arms over my head.  The results were worth it.  It has always served me well that I am not afraid of heights…Lol!

Seeing the client pleased at receiving exactly what they had in their mind, is priceless to me.  It is a challenge I enjoy, to step into the imagination of the client and create their vision.

What vision do you have for the spaces you are working on at the moment?  If there is a way that I can help bring that vision to life, it would be my pleasure to hear from you.

TALIN LYMAN, pres. Talin Tropic, Co.
Special Fabric/Studio video:

Luxury Villa with Talin’s Fabric in St.Martin
mes amis villa st

Talin on the Martha Stewart Show:

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